Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property,
An Umbrella for Many Things

Intellectual Property has a broad meaning that currently includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other specialties. For our firm, the other specialties include licensing, litigation, assignments, trade secrets, security agreements, and apostilles. These specialties call for individual attention by our firm because each matter generally has custom, unique, and unusual features.

Licensing involves the rental of patents, trademarks, or copyrights for a term at a price. Litigation involves the enforcement of patents, registered trademarks, registered copyrights, and related agreements. Litigation is the most costly work of our practice and should not be undertaken lightly. Assignments transfer patents, registered trademarks, or registered copyrights from one entity to another as part of employment or a sale.

Trade secrets involve protecting information and know how by appropriate security and confidentiality measures, often longer than patents. Security agreements provide a financing source with patents as collateral. Apostilles appear in foreign patent, trademark, and other work and we request apostilles from the appropriate authority.

For an intellectual property matter, we encourage you to assemble your documents at hand, if any, and determine your goals in pursuing the intellectual property matter. Litigation has become expensive and should not be undertaken lightly. Call us at 636.527.9962 to discuss your next steps for an intellectual property matter.