• Do you have a great idea?

    Do you have a great idea?

    McCloskey Patent Law helps you to protect your products, inventions and ideas with a professionally prepared design, plant or utility patent.

    What's Patentable?

  • Protect Your Competitive Edge.

    Protect Your Competitive Edge.

    Companies and inventors face competitors and product launch hurdles daily. Our legal system provides ready tools to aid you.

    The Patent Process

  • Do I need a patent attorney?

    Do I need a patent attorney?

    As an experienced patent attorney, McCloskey Law will serve as your guide through the ever-changing ways of the Patent Office.

    Patent Protection

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  • PatentProtection


    Patents protect devices, compositions of matter, processes, machines, and the like against unauthorized duplication. Patents come in three kinds: utility, design, and plant. Patents start from the U.S. Constitution, Article I Section 8. LEARN MORE
  • TrademarkYour Brand

    Your Brand

    Trademarks protect your brand and its goodwill from imitators. Trademarks have four kinds: trademarks, servicemarks, certification marks, and collective marks. Trademarks begin in common law and now have a statutory basis. LEARN MORE
  • IntellectualProperty


    Intellectual Property includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other specialties. These specialties call for individual attention by our firm because each matter generally has custom, unique, and unusual features. LEARN MORE
  • CopyrightRegistrations


    Copyrights protect your work from imitators. Copyright arises upon creation of a work such as a document, book, sound recording, software program in object code or source code, film, sculpture, architectural plans, and the like. LEARN MORE
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