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Having over 15 years experience, McCloskey Patent Law helps people with different ideas and innovations. We are the right team to assist with your patent or trademark needs. To see patents written by our firm on the United States Patent and Trademark Office Database, click here >>

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A Process for Protecting your Products, Inventions and Ideas with Patents

A patent application begins with collecting information about the invention from you. An invention description, (see Record of Invention in the Handy Document section) includes the parts or steps of the invention, how one part or step relates to another, and how the invention meets a need or solves a  problem. More description sooner minimizes rewriting later. At this intake stage, a patent search may be conducted.

Next based on your information about the invention and our research, we write your patent application. This stage takes months or weeks. We submit your patent application for your review before filing. We file patent applications electronically yielding a filing date and a serial number immediately. Provisional applications provide one year of patent pending status and we remind you when that year ends. Utility applications protect the structure of a device or steps of a method and provide patent pending status. Design applications protect the appearance and ornamentation of a device and provide patent pending status. PCT applications allow filing in English for later use in many countries. Foreign patent applications can be filed within one year of the US filing date.

We guide utility patent and design patent applications through the Patent Office. If called for, we file information disclosure statements early in the application. Usually within two years of the filing date, we write amendments that carefully edit an application to counter rejections by an Examiner. If an Examiner approves an amended application, we bring the application to its patent number and then track its maintenance fees in later years. And when an Examiner digs in against the application, we select the next move from continuing application, appeal, or RCE.


13321 N. Outer 40 Rd. Ste. 100, Town & Country, MO 63017
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