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If you have an idea or invention you need to patent please contact Chuck at 636.527.9962. To see a basic outline of steps to getting your idea protected, click here >>

important documents

Get more information about planning for your patent. Check out important forms, useful documents and other information you need to know to begin the invention patenting process, click here >>

STL Patent Attorney That Knows The Score

There are lots of lawyers who are generalists they'll generally take any kind of law work and do a generally good job.  But when it comes to a highly dedicated, experienced patent and trademark attorney, who works with inventors and entrepreneurs to move their product idea or brand to the next level, look no further then Charles McCloskey, Esq..

Charles McCloskey has been recognized by numerous organizations and featured in the st. Louis Business Journal as one of St. Louis' preminient patent and trademark attorneys.  Coupled with his unique knowledge and applicaiton of intellectual property law, Charles McCloskey will provide unique insite in to your prized invention, product improvement or trademark. 

As a member of the IASL Inventors Association of St. Louis Charles McCloskey understands the trials, angst and expense of bring a new product.  Seasoned at working with clients from all walks and economic levels, Charles McCloskey will provide sound advice that will steer your path to success. 

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13321 N. Outer 40 Rd. Ste. 100, Town & Country, MO 63017
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