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If you have an idea or invention you need to patent please contact Chuck at 636.527.9962. To see a basic outline of steps to getting your idea protected, click here >>

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Welcome to McCloskey Patent Law

You’ve created an invention, and now you want to protect it. That is where we come in; at McCloskey Patent Law, we use every available legal resource to ensure the absolute and enduring protection of your intellectual property and inventions. The areas of patent law we handle include legal trademark cases, domain name cases, trademark law, and assisting you with creating your own legal patent. When you work with McCloskey law, you will have access to a qualified legal professional who can help you take your brand further with the use of a legal trademark and legal patent that establishes adequate legal protections.

We will use our expertise to protect your ideas

Situated in St. Louis Missouri, we also provide services in all aspects of patent law nationwide and overseas. Our specialty areas include patents, trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property. We will guide you through every step of the process involved in ensuring that your unique innovations are adequately protected. The law establishes tools to assist you through the application of trademark law and patent law. McCloskey Patent Law can use these tools to help you prevent your knowledge from becoming an advantage to your competitors. We can help to guard against brand confusion to allow your brand and products to grow profitably. We will work with you to ensure that your brand and products are protected from duplication and illegal copyright infringement.

Trust our expertise in all areas of patent law and trademark law to help you exceed. Contact us today for a confidential consultation in St. Louis, Missouri by calling 636-527-9962.

Protecting your Products, Inventions, Ideas, and Brands using Legal Tools at the Ready

Inventors and companies face competitors and product launch hurdles daily. Competitors seek an edge over you. Sound familiar? You can protect your know how from becoming an advantage to your competitors. Your brand and products can receive protection against confusion with your competitors. Recognition for your products, your brand, and your company can grow.

Our legal system provides ready tools to assist you. Patents protect against unauthorized duplication of your products and methods. Trademarks protect your brand and its goodwill from imitators. Copyrights protect listed works, including software, from unauthorized duplication. When you do business overseas, we can assist with foreign patents and trademarks. And from time to time, your company may seek to enforce an asset through litigation.

We are a Midwest law firm with service extending to both coasts and overseas as well. When using a legal tool as an attorney, we also bring our experience as a professional engineer and military construction manager. Outside of law, we tinker with various things and causes, garden, and cast a fly line now and then.


13321 N. Outer 40 Rd. Ste. 100, Town & Country, MO 63017
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